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Visitors at NBG Polled Herefods

We welcomed several visitors this past summer and 2013 to NBG Polled Herefords

We are always pleased to show off our Hereford Herd and facilities.

Among our visitors where some visitors from Russia that where doing a tour of Canada looking for breeding stock

We also hosted a Tea Party in the Garden for some residence from a Retirement Home near Ottawa.  Rebecca, Alex had a great time showing off their show cattle.  The guest enjoyed having their pictures taken with the cattle and could not get over how well the animals behaved and how well the kids could handle them.  Great day for everyone……Must be Herefords


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Visits with Hereford Breeders

This past year Burt and I had the pleasure of meeting some great Hereford Breeders.

  Burt with Mary Dewar, Nova Scotia

A view from Mary’s cottage

We had a wonderful trip to Nova Scotia which included the Truro Hereford Show.

Victor Oulton was Grand Champion Female with a heifer bred by “NBG 3W   The Wonderer”

Jette and Burt at Agribition

Jette and Henrik  Andersen from Moeskaer Hereford, Denmark imports NBG 3W The Wonderer semen

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NBG Consigns to River Valley Sale – 2013

NBG 3W Miss Red 7P 16Z

Polled, NBG 16Z, DOB: January 31 2012, BW: 98lbs


Miss Red 16Z is a great yearling heifer by our 2010 National Reserve Champion NBG 3W The Wonderer, out of a daughter by the famous Remital Online 122L.

To complete this package she is bred to About Time for a January 1st calf. There is a limited amount of About Time semen available.  Her mother NBG 17P still has a perfect utter and we expect 16Z to follow.


NBG 3W Melinda 28W 15A

Polled, NBG 15A DOB:January 27, 2013   BW: 90lbs



Here is a great heifer calf with all kinds of potential.

In 2010 her sire,  NBG 3W, The Wonderer was  Reserve Grand Champion at Agribition.

Her grandmother, NCX 674R, has been shown very successfully since 2006 winning Champion many        times, last year she was Grand Champion Female at the Metcalfe Fair.

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Reserve Champion Bull – OJHA 2013 Beef-A-Rama

OJHA Reserve Champion Bull at Beef-a-rama

  Congradulations to Ethan Stone showing APH 3W Apollo 1A owned by Amy McKinley at OJHA Beef-A-Rama.

Ethan won his class and went on to become Reserve Champion Bull at 2013 Beef-A-Rama, Metcalfe, Ont.   June 28 & 29, 2013

This was the first Beef-A-Rama that Ethan has been to and he really enjoyed this wonderful adventure, a true showmanship person. 

Apollo’s sire is NBG 69T  The Wonderer36R ET 3W

Congradulations to Apollo and  Ethan.

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Ontario Junior Hereford Association – 2013 Beef-A-Rama

Our 5 grandchildren showing at OJHA – 2013 Beef-a-rama


                                             Justin & Alex McLaughlin, Owen and Camryn Grundy, and Rebecca Hess

The show string
 NBG 3W Gypsy 2S 1Y  her calf  NBG 100W Mr Addy 1Y 10A,
NBG 3W Miss Nita 1112R ET 4Z,
NCX Miss SB Red 674R, with her off spring NBG 73S 100W Miss Red 12Y 20A & NBG 3W Miss Red 674R 14Z,
NBG 3W Kyla 2X 9Z
It was held June 28 & 29, 2013 Metcalfe, Ontario.
Rebecca was PeeWee Campion with her best friend Gypsy.
 All 5 grandchildren did a great job showing their animals, had fun, ate lots of food and made new friends.
It was our pleasure to provide some animals for Goodie Thomas granddaughters from B.C. to show.
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OJHA Pee Wee Champion – 2013 Beef-a-rama

Rebecca Hess showing NBG 3W Gypsy 2S 1Y and winning Pee-Wee Champion at 2013 Beef-a-rama.

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Spring Cleaning

You want me to wash off all this mud? Owen and Rebecca went to the pasture and brought in NBG 3W Gypsy 2S 1Y and her calf NBG 10A Mister Addy. These two have quiet a task ahead of them, this year we had considerable mud and now it must all be cleaned off. What else is there for kids to do on a warm spring Saturday afternoon?



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Check out the latest EPD’s

NBG 69 T The Wonderer 36R ET 3W {DLF IEF HYF}

Semen for Sale: EU Approved including Eastern Europe

Latest EPD’s (Spring 2013): CE -2.7,  BW +4.8,  WW +56.6,  M +28.0,  TM +46.3

Latest EPD's - January 2013

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The Royal – Justin4-H & fun experience

A great time was had by all Thank you to all that made the 4-H a pleasant and great experience. See you in 2013.

Owen leading the way to tie-outs. What a thrill for Owen to be at The Royal in the big city of Toronto

Fun time at The Royal

Conformation with NBG 3W Gypsy 2S 1Y - 2nd in class Congratulations to Meagan Black for 1st in class and Grand Champion Hereford

I want to go home

Oh! - to go to pasture


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MOE Hereford Show- Royal Winter Fair, Toronto, 2012

Thank you to our family and friends for all the help in getting the cattle ready, showing the cattle and making it a great weekend at The Royal.

Congratulations to everyone that showed at The Royal, it is an exciting time and a great way to end of the 2012 show season in Ontario.

Jennifer Hess showing NBG 3W Gypsy 2S 1Y

Congradulations to Wally Pugh showing Lian 3W Zirconia 102Z

Jennifer Hess showing NBG 69T Gee Gee 36R ET 5Z, co-owned with Jamie O'Shea




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