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Purebred Hereford Cattle
NBG Polled Herefords Dispersal Sale
Private Treaty will be considered

After some great deep consideration I have decided to sell the remaining cattle that are owned by NBG Polled Herefords. Burt and I certainly enjoyed the Hereford family, all the great friends we have met over the years. The friendship has been a support for the past 4 year, without Burt at our side there comes a time when we must start a new chapter but I know that this past friendship will continue.

Daughter Jennifer and son Chris and their families will continue with the cattle industry. They will continue with some of the NBG pedigrees. You will see them in the show ring for many years to come. We are planning on attending Beef-A-Rama and 2018 Bonanza.! Burt’s Bursary will be awarded at the Ontario Beef-A-Rama - his desire for young people to obtain a post secondary education.

NBG 340 Ferdinand 1W 3F (Male)
DOB: Jan 4, 2018 NBG 3F
Custom Made X Traveler
dark colour, big rib, big hip polled bull calf
Asking $3500.00
NBG Custom Flower 9C 4F (Female)
DOB: Jan 20, 2018 NBG 4F
Custom Made X Masterpiece
dehorned, dark red, long body and very feminine being used for a 4H project!
Asking $3500.00
NBG 719T Miss Eliza 9C 2E
DOB: Jan 14, 2017 NBG 2E
Bred Yearling - Victor 719T X Masterpiece
Bred to Bailout - April 22, 2018
dark colour…..being used for a 4H project
Asking $4000.00
NBG 3W Miss Diana 7R 14D
DOB: August 9, 2016 NBG 14
Wonderer X Tradition
Bred to United April 13, 2018
August yearling
Asking $2500.00
NBG 220 Carrier 1Y 9C
DOB: Jan. 15, 2015 NBG 9C
3 year old cow - Masterpiece X Wonderer
Bred to Pounder April 16, 2018
Asking $3000.00
NBG 3W Gypsy 2S 1Y
DOB: Jan 2, 2011 NBG 1Y
7 year old cow - Wonderer X Rock
Bred to 201N (Online son) April 21, 2018
Asking $2500.00
NBG 13T Melinda 674R 28W
DOB: April 2, 2009 NBG 28W!
9 year old cow - Tramp (29F Son) X Sabre
Bred to Custom Jade April 14, 2018
Melinda has produced really good calves and has been one of our best cows. Still has a few good years and some really good calves to produce.
Asking $3000.00
GHC Miss Lasalle 10W
DOB: Feb 17, 2009 AKJA 10W
9 year old cow - Pureluck X Lee
Exposed to NBG 69T The Wonderer 36R ET 3W
Still has a few good years
Asking $1000.00
NBG 69T Williamina 2S 1W
DOB: Jan 2, 2009 NBG 1W
9 year old cow - Traveler X Rock
Bred to Custom Made March 28, 2018
Really good cow and has produced good calves, and has a really good bull calf this year. She still has a few good years and can produce some good calves

Asking $3000.00
Photos coming soon!
We also have several straws of semen from a variety of Hereford bulls… more details upon request and will post the list at a later date.

# 4 - # 8 are on summer pasture and must find a new home before the end of September (located near the farm)

# 1 - # 3 & # 9 are at the farm but also must find a new home before the end of September and or after show season

You may e-mail us at nbghereford@xplornet.com
or give us a call 613-489-3136 cell: 613-791-7505 or drop by.

Thank you for your friendship and your past business deals to and from NBG!

“Thank you" to the folks that dropped by the farm on October 22.
Weather was great and some folks went home with some great breeding stock.
Thank you to the buyers.

We still have some great Hereford and Shorthorns for sale - give us a call or drop by

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Animals Preg check Oct 18….Please Note Sires and Due Date Revised Sale Cattle

keep looking back for additional pictures

Hi Everyone,

Hope that all have enjoyed a great fall and everyone has finally finished their hay.

We at NBG Polled Herefords have are offering some great Herefords and Shorthorns at a Private Treaty Sale, Oct 22, 2017 here at the farm.

Please check out the pedigrees of these animals of the CHA and Shorthorn web sites.

NBG 3E(Hereford) and the OCG 5E (Shorthorn) have been shown expensively and done very well with several ribbons and banners.

We also have a variety of Hereford Semen for Sale, including semen from “The Wonderer NBG 3W”

We have priced the cattle and when you arrive you will be given the price list and we are willing to make a ‘private treaty’ sale with the individual purchaser.

We are serving a light lunch, so come along enjoy the day, I am sure the weather will co-operate.

Looking forward to seeing you!

Nancy & family


Bulls for Sale

NBG 11X MR Ballard 55U ET 18B

SOLD- Thanks to our local commercial / Hereford purchaser

Tattoo- NBG 18B
Mr Hereford son out of a Canuck dam
BD- Jan 24 2014

The bull is a very dark colour, long sided with goggles, he was exhibited at many fairs during the 2016 show season. He is a bull that is easy to handle and is halter trained.


NBG 743 Mr. Express 28W 1D

SOLD- To a commercial breeder in Bancroft

Tattoo:  NBG 1D
About Time son from a show winning Tramp daughter
BD: Jan 7, 2016

Long sided wide topped About Time son that was exhibited with his mother very successfully with his mother at Eastern Ontario Shows.
He is halter trained.


For Semen purchases in Europe please contact
Henrik at Moeskaer.com - Visit their website.

For Semen purchases in Finland please contact
Pekka Lahtinen at Pekka.Lahtinen@yahoo.com

Reserve Grand Champion 2010 Canadian
Western Agribition

NBG 69T The Wonderer 36R ET 3W {DLF IEF HYF}
View EPDs & More Information

Check out the 2013 EPD's

CE -2.7, BW +4.8, WW +56.6, M +18.0, TM +46.3

Wonderer Semen for Sale, EU approved including Eastern Europe

  • Grand Champion Bull Calf at 2009 Canadian Western Agribition.
  • Reserve Grand Champion 2010 Canadian Western Agribition.
  • Shown very successfully as a calf and yearling at many local shows and was supreme champion at several shows.
  • He is also recommended to use for 1st calve heifers. 
  • Contact us for pricing.

Quote from Denmark Breeder " Very pleased with Wonderer Calves, show quality"

  MHR 35A HAZEL 54A 18D

Agribition 2010 Reserve
Grand Champion

The Wonderer's Dam
Champion Senior Bull
Calf 2009 Canadian
Western Agribition


Harvie Traveler 69T
The Wonderer's Sire

Breeding stock for Sale.